If you are staying at our hotel and want to treat yourself to complete rest, both for body and soul, to pamper yourself with silence and peace, we invite you to book a massage

Currently, you can choose from a variety of Ayurvedic and traditional massages.

Ayurvedic massages and procedures will help you break away from your daily routine, awaken hidden energy resources and inner peace.

These massages are not only for the body, but also for your mind and soul. Our Ayurvedic massage therapist offers a wide selection of these massages, from Thai massage, aromatherapy massage to lymphatic drainage massage and many more.

Those who want to know about the full selection of offered massages, prices and order this massage are invited to contact the reception. You can also choose from a wide range of traditional massages: a relaxing back massage will delight anyone who comes to rest after a hard week at the office desk, or just wants to experience complete relaxation.

You can choose massages and procedures of various durations. Please contact the front desk for more information